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Technology is ubiquitous nowadays. All businesses use technology: emails, mobile phones, computers, and laptops are indispensable pieces of technology. Even the simplest shop issues invoices, uses mobile phones, and sends digital or printed offers to customers. Escaping technology is practically impossible.

What sets productive businesses apart is that they have a dedicated IT support team that takes care of everything technology-related. Companies that spend too much time on the phone with technology vendors and experience downtime in their systems are wasting precious time trying to solve problems that only specialists can—time that would be much better spent on their own area of expertise: their business.

Your business should run like clockwork. Computers, phones, laptops, printers, internet connections, and software equipment should run smoothly 100% of the time. Anything less than that is stealing your attention from your main purpose: to find new customers, increase your profits, and run a successful business.

So, how do you know when it’s time to consider hiring a dedicated IT support team?

1.      You Are Experiencing Recurring IT Problems

For the second time in a month, your printers won’t print. Your laptop can’t access the shared drive. And your website seems to be down—again.

If you have noticed that you have recurring IT problems like these, then you need a dedicated IT support team to sort the problems once and for all. Your systems should be working 24/7 without constant intervention and problem-solving.

2.      Your Staff Is Wasting Precious Time Sorting out IT Problems

If your accountant is spending too much time behind her computer instead of in front of it, then you need an IT business to take care of the problem. It is not an accountant’s job to sort cables and make sense of how a computer connects to the mainframe.

Your staff has been hired to perform specific tasks. You want them to be productive and help your business grow. If they are trying to sort IT problems instead of doing what you’re paying them to do, then they are wasting precious time doing something that is unrelated to their job description—and your core business.

3.      Your System Gets Viruses

Does your computer crawl to a halt every half hour? Does your LAN crash and require constant reboots?

Your website may be experiencing frequent downtime, your internet connection may be disconnecting regularly, or your infrastructure may not work smoothly with the rest of your systems.

A lot of these problems may be the result of viruses. Viruses are signs that there are security breaches in your systems. Hackers and cybercriminals could be trying to steal data from your computers. If you think you’re too small or too well protected to be targeted, think again. Cybercrime cost the world over $1 trillion in 2020—and is expected to cost 10 times as much by 2025. It’s a very real threat that won’t go away or should be ignored.

4.      You Are Unsure If Your Data Is Secure and Backed Up

Do you know how your customers’ personal and confidential information is stored? Are you sure their details are not available to hackers?

Your job is not to create firewalls and data protection systems. But you need to be 100% sure that your business data and the personal information of your clients is properly stored and secured. If you can’t answer the question of how secure your data is with 100% certainty, you need affordable managed IT who will guarantee that your business is well protected.

5.      You Spend Too Much Time on the Phone with IT Vendors and Suppliers

Can you tell the difference between various IT equipment? Do you know which router is best for your business? Are you wasting half your week on the phone with IT vendors and IT suppliers trying to sort out your business needs but you feel they speak a foreign language?

IT knowledge is not part of your skills. Your job is to keep your business running and your clients satisfied. You are not required to know what IT equipment is supposed to do or the difference between USB 3.0 and USB 3.2. And neither should you. You should hire IT professionals whose job is to take care of your business IT needs and to stay abreast of the

6.      You Want to Incorporate New Technology in Your Existing System

You have new staff and need to connect new devices. You just learned that there is new accounting software that matches your exact needs. Or you got a big new contract and must expand your infrastructure.

Then, you realize that your current system cannot support the new technology your business requires.

Let your IT support handle your IT needs. An experienced IT team will let you know about technological developments that can increase your productivity and help improve your processes. They will know how to best incorporate the new technology into your existing infrastructure. And they will help you scale up your business to tackle your growing needs.

7.      You Want Preventative Maintenance

Ideally, you want to have all IT problems sorted out before they even appear. What you need is preventative maintenance that takes care of IT issues. You don’t want to see IT problems pile up or play firefighter in the office, dealing with one IT problem after another.

You want an expert IT support team that predicts where issues, breaches, and failings could happen and reinforces them before they can cause damage to your business, reputation, and clients.

Bytes Managed IT Is Your Dedicated IT Support

As a business owner, you have one job: to make money and help your business expand. Technology is a significant component of your business success, as long as you have an IT support team that has the right experience and knowledge.

With over 20 years of experience, Bytes Managed IT offers you innovative and proactive approaches to your IT needs.

To have the IT support your business deserves, schedule an appointment with Bytes Managed IT online or contact us on 308-635-2983 (Nebraska) or 307-271-6475 (Wyoming) and let us produce an IT strategy that works for your business!