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IT Services Your Business Should Budget for

IT encompasses so many areas nowadays: accounting software, data security, tech support, cloud computing, hardware, software, VOIP telephony, mobile phones, maintenance, innovation, better preparedness for the future… The list is endless. Do you know what your business needs for its IT department? Should you spend more on hardware, software, IT support, or disaster recovery? Do you need an expert to guide you through the world of IT?

Bytes Managed IT is here to answer all these questions and help you make the most out of your hard-earned money.

How Much Should My Business Spend On IT Services?

Research has shown that most Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) spend 2 to 6% of their budget on IT. A more precise budget can be allocated once the number of devices and workstations has been determined.

A medium-sized business with dozens of computers, a phone center, printers, routers, and business salespersons with mobiles and laptops will require more IT support than a shop that only has a couple of desktops.

What IT Services Should I Buy?


Hardware refers to all appliances that are required for your work.

On average, you need a hardware renewal every 4 to 5 years. That includes computers, printers, routers, screens, and laptops. A laptop, for example, can only last for 4 to 5 years before becoming obsolete and too slow to perform complicated tasks.

Older hardware crashes more frequently and requires more frequent support and maintenance. Likewise, older hardware can be difficult to integrate with novel software. If you want your business to be working optimally, you must budget for regular hardware upgrades.


Cables, wires, ink for your printers, and small accessories like mouse pads need to be replaced from time to time. Also, cables and wires require a yearly check to make sure they are properly connected.


Software is a vast category of services that includes accounting software, your content management system, as well as subscriptions to operating systems and license fees.

The software you use depends on what your business does and how many workstations it has.

Cloud Services

Most businesses require cloud services for storage. Cloud services can also offer valuable information regarding analytics and statistics and can be used for networking within a business. 


Cybercrime is an ever-growing problem. Security includes firewalls, anti-malware, network monitoring for cyber-attacks, anti-viruses, data encryption, and more. Bytes Managed IT even thinks like hackers to protect you!

Businesses need to invest in protecting both their own data and their customer data. They also need data backup in case of a data breach as well as disaster recovery to keep their business working.

Website Maintenance

Your website is your window into the outside world. Part of your IT budget should be spent on URL costs, SSL certificates, and web hosting, with extra attention paid to the quality and security of your hosting server.

How Has Covid-19 Affected IT Budgets?

Most businesses have seen some kind of disruption because of Covid-19. A lot of people started working from home. As remote work has taken over, new security issues have emerged. Businesses must be flexible with their remote workers and yet ensure cybersecurity and network security.

Remote workers should be able to connect to their email accounts and cloud services in a fast, safe, and functional way that helps the business boost its performance. A remote worker will have several devices such as a laptop, mobile, and printer. All these need to be secured and integrated within the business network system.

Covid-19 has made businesses more interested in streamlining their processes. That means more automated and easier-to-follow systems that deliver results and improve business profitability.

Budgeting for the Future

It is not enough to maintain your current state of affairs. You can’t stay put: you need to think ahead.

You need to invest in your business future. New applications, systems, processes, and IT equipment can make your business even more successful and productive.

You need to build up your capabilities to accommodate more customers and deliver better services at a lower cost. You must be at the forefront of innovation to outpace your competitors.

We know you want your business to perform optimally and you want excellent budget allocation. That’s why:

  • Bytes Managed IT will create a custom-made package for your business IT needs, depending on your workload, workstations, and overall needs.
  • Bytes Managed IT will also look into the future and make the appropriate adjustments to incorporate innovations and novel applications that will make your professional life easier and better both today and tomorrow.

To schedule an appointment and plan for your current and future business IT needs, schedule an appointment with Bytes Managed IT online or contact us on 308-635-2983 (Nebraska) or 307-271-6475 (Wyoming). We are the IT partner you can trust.

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