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An IT consultant can offer you peace of mind and specialized knowledge at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house IT team. A managed IT company will help your business streamline its systems, improve its efficiency, and stave off hackers.  

With the help of an IT consultant, your business will have the most up-to-date software and hardware and will be ahead of technological trends. Instead of constantly fixing technological gaps and worrying about security breaches, your business will be able to focus on expanding and working in a smooth and efficient way.

Here are the top seven things that a managed IT business can help you with.

1. An IT Consultant Keeps Your Business Efficient

You need to know that your systems are working 24/7. You want your apps, mobile applications, website, cloud storage, emails, phones, and mobiles to work together in a seamless, frictionless way.

Your business needs to know that someone is looking after your IT strategy, leaving you the space and time you need to work with your clients and customers and increase your profits.

You don’t want to worry whether your email accounts are working or not, nor watch over technicians if your website has been hacked. And you certainly don’t want to lose access to your cloud storage.

Your infrastructure management will be handled by a seasoned IT consulting team that has years of experience in this area. You know that your business & IT alignment is now in the hands of people with decades of experience and tons of technical knowledge.

2. An IT Consultant Saves You Money

You may feel at first glance that the hourly or monthly rates of your IT consulting company are high.

Imagine hiring a whole team of expert IT professionals for cloud storage, mobile apps, software and hardware, security, and even desk support.

Now write down all the salaries, paid leaves, office space, and other expenses you’d have to pay in order to have a dedicated IT team. Suddenly, hiring a managed IT company makes a whole lot of sense.

3. An IT Consultant Is Your Point of Contact If Anything Goes Wrong

Landline not working? Desk support computer has glitches? Booking software giving you trouble?

Instead of going through several phone calls trying to find the relevant person for each problem, you only need to get in touch with your managed IT company. They will do all the hard and time-consuming work of finding the right specialist for the job. You now have peace of mind and the time you need to run your business.

4. An IT Consultant Offers You Security

Your IT consultant will help you fortify your security, either at your premises or in the cloud.

You would be amazed how many cyber-attacks we have to deal with on a daily basis. There are people trying to steal crucial data from your business like your clients’ personal and financial information. Others will destroy your website for the sheer fun of it.

Your managed IT company will take the necessary precautions to address any security concerns before a breach occurs. That way your staff, computers, and data are secure.

5. An IT Consultant Gives You the Heads-Up for New Trends

IT consulting businesses keep abreast of new development and ongoing trends. They know what technology is going to become mainstream. They know what new software can enable your help desk to become more efficient and deal with more phone calls and customer requests.  

Once you have your managed IT company’s suggestions and advice, you can organize your IT strategy with a long-term view. You will know what types of investment you need to make to keep your business and operations flowing and to ensure optimal business & IT alignment.

6. An IT Consultant Helps Your Business Expand

Are you taking on a large new project? Do you need new hardware to fulfill a big assignment?

You don’t need to fear that your current IT equipment will fall short of your expanded needs. A managed IT company will have the necessary software and hardware to upgrade your operations and help your business expand.

Your IT consulting partner will also offer extra resources and manpower for you to cover your growing business needs.

7. Your IT Consultant Will Help You with Disaster Management

Disasters happen. However, with the backing of a managed IT company, your IT disaster will be dealt with promptly so that your systems are up and running as soon as possible. You won’t need to wait for days until you locate the right person for the job, either: your IT consultant will be there right away to fix things around your business.

Your managed IT company has the real-world experience to help your business recover from any disaster. They have done this hundreds of times and will do it for your business in a professional and step-by-step way.

Bytes Managed IT offers turnkey service, predictable pricing, and service guarantee. We focus on your technology so you can focus on your business.

To discuss your specific needs, schedule an appointment with Bytes Managed IT online or contact us on 308-635-2983 (Nebraska) or 307-271-6475 (Wyoming). Take the headache of IT away from your business!

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