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According to McAfee, a computer security software company, the cost of cybercrime was $1 trillion in 2020 and is expected to climb to $6 trillion in 2021. Due to remote working, many security systems were left vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The pandemic offered security criminals the perfect opportunity to take advantage of these breaches.

The breadth of cybercrime is enormous: stolen data, compromised personal information, credit card scams, as well as malware, ransomware, and phishing scams through emails are only a few of the very creative ways that cybercriminals implement to make money.

Why We Think Like Hackers When We Do Our Job

Have you ever watched the movie ‘Catch me if you can’ with Leonardo di Caprio? He is a con artist who eventually ends up working for the FBI, solving bank fraud. He is hired because he knows the ins and outs of how fraudsters think, work, and take advantage of the banking system.

The same is true of hackers. They have spent their lives digging and prodding to discover loopholes and security breaches to access valuable information. Some of them have become ethical hackers who are hired by security companies to build in security features that can withstand cyber-attacks.  

At Bytes Managed IT we do not hire hackers. But we have come to think like them. We look into our clients’ security systems and become the devil’s advocate. We wonder how we could breach a system. If we find a gap or vulnerability, this means real cyber-criminals will find it too. We are proactive to save your business money and its reputation.

A Hacker Will Discover Security Holes

You think your business is protected. You have your security system, which you trust to stop cyberattacks and other security breaches. But you might have left a small door unsupervised.

Imagine your home having a grand secure entrance door while a small window in the attic has been accidentally left open. The burglar has already seen it and knows how to break into your house. All he’s waiting for is the right moment to do so.

Hackers will see the security holes nobody else does. In a sense, it’s their job. When we take a look at a client’s security system, website, or email protocols, we take a step back and look at it as if we were cybercriminals. Breaches are possible because of the small details that nobody notices but which are crucial for the safety of your business and the reputation of your brand.

A Hacker Will Help You Protect Your Intellectual Property

What if you have intellectual property that could be valuable to your competitors?

If hackers are aware of the precious knowledge you have, you can bet they are already figuring out ways to steal it and sell it to your competitors.

Once we know you have important intellectual property, we will make sure it is properly secured with software and hardware. We know how hackers might attack your business to steal your intellectual property and we will be working proactively to stop them before they can even try.

Hackers Can Help You Prepare for the Future

Hackers know what the trends in cyber-crime are. They know the new software that’s coming out as well as the vulnerabilities it will carry. They have already tested it and breached it.

When we think like hackers, we help your business prepare for the future. We will advise you about upcoming software and hardware. We will make sure the gaps and exposure they have can be closed.

Our goal is to keep your business running with the use of the latest technology. Our expertise ensures that your business remains active and protected even when it uses the latest technology in terms of software and hardware.

Hackers Can Think Outside the Box

 How many times have you heard how useful it is to think outside the box? Well, hackers have made it their business to constantly think outside of the box. Once they are determined to access your credit card information, your clients’ personal information, or your website, they will stop at nothing. They will be creative, ingenious, and ruthless in their attempts to access and crack your security defenses.

When we step into our hacker shoes, we, too, think outside the box. We set our goals and examine how an immoral criminal would go around stealing your information. We will find the non-straightforward way, the twisted way, and the most unpredictable way a cyber-criminal might use to sneak into your business and take advantage of it.

Bytes Managed IT Thinks Like a Hacker

Our security experts think like hackers. They will examine your security systems and locate any weaknesses, loopholes, vulnerabilities, and gaps that might allow cyber-criminals to elude your security systems.

A dedicated business will constantly assess and reassess your systems, running several consistent penetration tests and other security features to evaluate how vulnerable you are to cyber-attacks.

An experienced IT business will close any cracks to ensure that your business is protected and running smoothly for both your customers’ benefit and your peace of mind.

To safeguard your business, schedule an appointment with Bytes Managed IT online or contact us on 308-635-2983 (Nebraska) or 307-271-6475 (Wyoming) and let us organize your business security today. We are the IT partner you can trust.